Arohanui is a Maori word and, as with many Polynesian words, there is no direct meaning or translation into English. The literal meaning is "BIG LOVE"

It appears to me that this "Arohanui" (or big love) can be beyond a person, beyond a family and even a community or race. It could be all encompassing of the earth; it's people, animals, plants, our oceans and our universe plus everything within and beyond. Possibly interrelationships between all that is.... so that gets awe inspiring.

So I have chosen to use this website to promote some people, concepts and products that encompass "Arohanui as I understand it". Or,to promote people that; in their times "Arohanui" was their genuine passion or intention. They may not have reached their goal yet...but we still can assist in their presuit of that goal !

It was my privilege to attend the “Waitaha Water Gathering” in 2014. That encounter with the Waitaha tribe will never be forgotten and has allowed me further insight into the global family that we all were born to be part of…that is “Arohanui”

A brief read of the “Whispers of Waitaha” can enlighten all and show a truly positive way forward for current and future parents. Grandmothers showing the “Waitaha” way to embrace and connect with our children, our communities and to form the way of developing a global connection and consciousness correction.  

“Waitaha Grandmothers” embrace “Arohanui” with their every movement, through chosen words, thoughts, subtle communication and embrace. Waitaha mokopuna listen, are enlightened and respect the matriarchal wisdom of their elders.  They will most likely choose to follow that plan and to nurture future generations in the same way…..Arohanui…

The books "Whispers of Waitaha" & "Songs of Waitaha" can be found here… follow the link….

Song Of Waitaha, Whispers of Waitaha book link

Arohanui to all that joined us in 2014....We were honoured to supply our Water Eggs and Water Amphora for storing delegates drinking water. Waitaha are the water carriers.

I am Peter Ratcliffe and I choose to embrace Arohanui within my life and support others with the same dream. Gratefullacy 2017 is my latest project and I will keep you informed on where you can become a part of the program. Unconditional Happiness and Self Efficacy awareness play a big part of this growth.

Another person, that has chosen "Arohanui" above his more lucrative profession has been a god send for our family, friends and extended family over the last few years. We cannot thank Alan Vallinga enough for his healing and support of us all through very difficult times. How could we explain the amazing transformations without writing a book about our individual experiences of ailments getting sorted overnight, or in hours, even minutes by Alan Vallinga.

As part of treatment Alan uses Homeostasis Spray, now known as "Infinitity Spray"Homeostasis Spray, made with 100% pure water as its base, is ‘encoded’ or ‘imprinted’ with vibrational frequencies comprising minerals and trace elements in a balanced format. They can accelerate the removal of the unhealthy chemicals locked in the body cells. The body determines what components of the spray applied to the skin it needs and uses.

 Arohanui Alan Vallinga.


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